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REZEL to sponsor Refining India 2017 and Abu Dhabi International Downstream (ADID) 2017

As a growing supplier focused on the global refining and petrochemicals catalyst and process technologies market, Rezel continues to actively  support opportunities for the exchange of ideas in the industry. The shifting focus towards petrochemicals in India, and expansion of the Middle East into refining and petrochemicals feedstock production, represent two such opportunities for dialog to support the growing importance of these two markets.

Rezel is, therefore, proud to sponsor two upcoming events, Refining India, September 18-19, 2017, in New Delhi, India, and Abu Dhabi International Downstream September 17-19, in Abu Dhabi.

Refining India represents a premier opportunity for industry leaders to network among an audience of senior executives from across India¡¯s refining sector. In addition to sponsoring the event, Rezel will present a paper on FCC Catalyst Technology Maximization in VGO Cracking, where the Rezel-MGO VGO catalyst technology platform and commercial performance of Rezel-MGO will be discussed.

Abu Dhabi International Downstream provides a critical platform for the Gulf Cooperation Council downstream industry to network with colleagues from the international refining and petrochemicals industry.

We look forward to seeing you at these two important events, and invite you to visit our booth, where Rezel experts will be available to discuss how our refining and petrochemical catalysts and processes can provide maximum value to your refining and petrochemical operation.

More information can be found at:

Refining India 2017


Abu Dhabi International Downstream (ADID)  2017


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