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ReZel as a sponsor attended the Refining India 2016 in New Delhi, India

Growth in India¡¯s demand for oil products will outstrip the rest of the world during the next 25 years, according to a recent focus report from the International Energy Agency. In response, India¡¯s government concedes that even faster growth in refining capacity is essential to keep pace with domestic demand. This will mean more and bigger refineries, integrated with petrochemicals production and geared to the highest international standards of clean fuels to combat urban pollution. 
India demands the best refining technology available. And Refining India is the premier opportunity to network among an audience of senior executives from across India¡¯s refining sector. Which is a two day, dual stream technical conference hosted annually by Petroleum Technology Quarterly (PTQ). 
ReZel Catalysts Corp. as a sponsor, has attended this event. Rezel Overseas Marketing Director Mr. Jayden Yin made a presentation to talk abut Commercial Experience with Catalyst for Maximum Propylene during the event. Also, Rezel¡¯s booth has attracted lot of visitors from all over the word.

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