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Letter From President

Dear Customers,
I am pleased to present Rezel Catalytic Corporation to be your reliable catalystic solutions provider in refinery and petrochemical industries.

Based on the deep understanding of catalytic mechanism and philosophies, some top level experts and engineers from China Petroleum University, Chinese Science Academy and Sinopec come together to Rezel in presenting extraordinary catalytic solution for customers. Reliable resources of raw materials around the production facilities in Leshan Sichuan, China, especially rare earth, silica, alumina and soda, help Rezel standing in a very competitive position in catalysts production. The rich experience as an OEM producer for global catalyst companies enriched our team in strictest principle of product quality control. As a emerging participant in refining and petrochemical catalyst industry, Rezel made significant contributions in providing valuable catalysts to global customers in recent years. Our tailored catalytic solutions have already served customers not only in China, but also in South Asia, Middle East, Europe and US.

Facing the challenges of global refining and petrochemical industries, Rezel will sustain innovation attitude in adding more value to our products and work with customer closely as a solution provider for refining and petrochemical industry.
Address: 7F, Chengnan Tianfu Mansion, No.66 Shenghe 1st Road, High-Tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, 610041 China
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