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Based on competitive advantages of patented zeolite technologies and rare earth resources, Rezel catalysts Corporation is an emerging catalytic solution provider serving global refining and petrochemical industries in recent years. High-performance catalysts, additives, absorbents and chemicals solutions from Rezel benefit customers in China, United States, India, Russia and etc.

Rezel was co-founded in 2010 between Shenghe Resources Holding Ltd (600392.SHSE), one of China¡¯s major players in rare earth industry, and the technology holder, Dr. Zhuo Runsheng (the founder of Noblestar, China¡¯s first independent catalysts company) in Leshan, Sichuan China.
As a leading catalysts and chemicals provider for refining and petrochemical application, besides operating as the OEM producer of global catalysts and zeolite companies, Rezel is making our footprint as one of the highest-performing, most innovative companies in refining and petrochemical catalyst industry.

Through our Research & Development and in partnership with our customers worldwide, Rezel develop, manufacture, license, and support technologies in catalysts, additives, chemical products and even more.
Serving over 20 customers globally, Rezel commit to create value for customers through innovation-driven product development in three main business sections:
¡¤ Refining Catalytic Solutions
¡¤ Petrochemical Catalytic Solutions
¡¤ Absorbents and Additives Solutions
¡¤ ReZel Zeolite Series

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